17 May, 2011

Chase and Status Ft. Delilah - Time (Queensway Remix)

I´m not really fond of the original, but I like that remix. Much smoother.

Chase & Status - Cover Foo Fighters Rope

Chase & Status - a duo with a quite wide variety of music produced. They took a challenge and covered Foo Fighters. Suits me very well at the moment.

Frank Ocean - Nature Feels

After few warm days the autumn came to town. Yes, I know, the rain and wearing a warm coat isn´t my first choice as well. Still, music keeps the mood up until sun decides to come back (please, make it fast!).
Piece of music that keeps me going.

12 May, 2011

Coachella 2011 Mixtape by The Kickdrums

Some rnb, some alternative, some drum, etc.
Just listen, it is definitely worth it!

The Weekend - The Morning

After listening to this piece of The Weekend I really want to take some time and look into their creation. Sounds really nice!

Jakatta - One Fine Day

We skipped spring this year in Estonia and the summer is in town (jei!).
+20C outside is just so enjoyable!
Im off to Spain in few weeks (can´t wait!) and I started to collect (rediscover) all the summer theme songs and I want to share with you my fav one. If you have any summer song recommendations, please share! I´d love to hear them :)