29 May, 2012

Miike Snow - Burial

Long time no hear, right. Well, I have to admit, I´ve been a bit lazy :) It´s a madhouse at work, so much to do. Hopefully can get back on my normal track starting from next week. My youtube is full of favourites which just scream for sharing. I´ll start with my ultimate favourite these days :)

21 May, 2012

Urban Cone - We Should Go to France

It got me thinking - we should really go to France.

Urban Cone - We Should Go to France by UniversalMusicSweden

(Click the link to hear the track :)

Nitin Sawhney ft Imogen Heap - Bring It Home

A friend of mine was sure he found this track from my blog and for my surprise as well, I have never posted it (or just deleted by accident, totally my style). Anyway, two great artists together, a great song from the electronical side of music. 
Psst! If you like this, one suggestion from the past posts as well - Breathing Light - Nitin Sawhney

17 May, 2012

Everything But The Girl - Downhill Race (Kenny Dope Mix)

Even all the traffic jams seem so enjoyable when you have the album playing in the background.

16 May, 2012

Everything But The Girl - Mirrorball (DJ Jazzy Jeff Sole remix)

Do you remember the 80´s band called Everything But The Girl? Well, their remixes are the best ones I have ever heard. So, beware, I have prepared my 4 favourite ones for you  for the next 4 days.

15 May, 2012

Niki & The Dove - Tomorrow

Positivus Festival 2012  warm-up vol2.
PS! Times played in iTunes? Appr. 100 already. I see an obsession growing here.

11 May, 2012

Santigold - Big Mouth

It´s crazy. Totally crazy. But I´m off to Stockholm for a long weekend and to set the mood, I loaded some Santigold to my iPhone, together with all the other muusikamaagia´s songs. It´s gonna be a one hell of a good weekend!

09 May, 2012

Notte Sento

Something different today. A film, made of photos, so darling.

07 May, 2012

Tiger Milk - The Game

More Estonian music. They are making some good stuff here (among with a lot of crap, unfortunately) :)

02 May, 2012