25 February, 2013

20 February, 2013


I bet you are all familiar with the original.  In every couple of years, the piece finds it's way back to my playlist. This time in a smoother version which was introduced to me by a Latvian DJ in Riga's reggae bar. I do enjoy!

11 February, 2013

Bastille - What Would you Do (City High Cover)

Appr 14 years ago, when I was a really young student, City High's original version was my favourite song for years. And now, many years later, I find a cover also good as hell.

07 February, 2013

Bastille - Laura Palmer

Bastille is a true highlight in my recent music selection. More to come!

05 February, 2013

Red Astaire - Love To Angie

Still remember the concert - water was coming through the ceiling and we were dancing between the chairs, because who the hell sits in these concerts? Right?
Nevertheless, Angie is always good.