30 October, 2012

Tallinn Daggers

I have featured the new EP from those fabulous Estonian boys, but after that I started to listen to their older creation and I just can´t believe that I didn´t hear about them already years ago, because they are good. And not just good, I mean GOOD!

My favourite pieces so far:

29 October, 2012

26 October, 2012

2:54 - Sugar

I´m so glad that I had the chance to see them live this summer. They are a bit like The XX´s little sister (or brother)

24 October, 2012

Jaden Smith - Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)

Small version of Will Smith aka his 14 year old son covering Pumped Up Kicks. What can I say, ain´t bad.

22 October, 2012

Future Islands - Little Dreamer

It just takes you away. The feeling that all you want to do is reach for a cigar and a class of cognac and picture yourself in a nostalgic black&white movie.
Or am I alone with that?

18 October, 2012

Faded Paper Figures: Invent It All Again

Cheerful things always work for me. An additional injection of positivity is never too much.

17 October, 2012

Delilah - Shades Of Grey (SpectraSoul Remix)

Haven´t featured a dnb track for a long time. The thing is, there haven´t been one that I was really into, either.  But this one, somehow it works.

15 October, 2012

Sigur Rós - Valtari (Full Album)

I took a night off, just to myself (the pace has been harsh lately). I went for a run, cooked myself a nice meal and took a book. A book I´ve been waiting for a long time. Sigur Rós´s new album Valtari as my companion.

Miike Snow - Pretender

Disco, baby!

11 October, 2012

Phaeleh - Lament

Oh, so chill. Phaeleh is pretty much always a sure thing. Didn´t let me down this time as well.
Thank you, Jürgen, for sharing!

10 October, 2012

RY / Frank Wiedemann - Howling

Hi, guys!

Trying to get back on track with my blog. Not an easy task, must say. So much things going on and it´s hard to find the time. But, the good thing is, I have a lot of music stored and waiting to be shared.

This one goes to Nele who shared this great piece with me. Thank you! And also to Mark, who has been so patient over the months waiting the blog to come alive again :)

05 October, 2012

ADELE - Skyfall

Hi, guys!

How have you been?
Adele released new James Bond theme. Great collaboration is when you still recognise each participant and in this case, it works.