28 March, 2012

Florence + The Machine - Only If For A Night

Long time no Florence, right. If you haven´t discovered that one by yourself before, then listen. Good one. But what more can we excpect from Florence.

25 March, 2012

Florrie - Begging Me

New pop princess. With all the looks, attitude and tune, impacts indeed.

24 March, 2012

23 March, 2012

The Weeknd - House Of Balloons - Glass Table Girls

Oi, oi, oi! The Weeknd is becoming one of my favourite artsists if they continue like this. It´s just amazing how they manage to do the exact tune I´d like to listen.

22 March, 2012

Jońsi - Sinking Friendships

More and more I get into the powerful and atmospheric sound that Jonsi delivers. Oeh.. fantastic!
If you´d like to hear Jońsi´s music and the music Jońsi has selected then go and watch the movie "We Bought a Zoo". Music definitely balances the topic.

21 March, 2012

Frankie Rose - Had We Had It

From the music maniacs Olavi and Leen. Leen is by the way the lead-singer of Electrobation.Listen and support talented Estonian artists here

20 March, 2012

Grimes - Oblivion

This one goes to my friend Tim! Like he said, there is something really catchy in there, but can´t really tell what. Couldn´t have said it any better.

19 March, 2012

Thanks, guys!

 Thanks, guys, from all over the world for visiting Muusikamaagia and for all your positive feedback! It´s truly inspiring! Hope I can surprise you in a positive way further on as well :)

My thanks go to every green country in the picture and to every one of you!

11 March, 2012

10 March, 2012

High Contrast - Almost Human (feat Clare Maguire)

For a Saturday evening! It´s starts quite calmly, but the end will surprise you. It´s High contrast, still.
Psst! Do you have any favourites from the new album "The Agony and The Ecstasy" to suggest? Haven´t had time to listen to it yet, but really eager to find out.

Makoto - Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph

Helen made my Saturday morning with that song. Enjoy!

01 March, 2012

CatPeople - Love Battle

I love contemporary dancing in the video and after listening to the happy tune, the lyrics "happy monster" just kept haunting me.