11 April, 2012

Intouchables soundtrack

There aren´t that many movie soundtracks that I´m really into. The last one was Drive´s which was featured here quite a lot as well. Let me introduce you the next one - the Intouchables soundtrack! Before I go to the music, I have to say - if you haven´t seen it yet, definitely watch the movie! Really good movie-experience for me.
But, the soundtrack. The genre varies a lot, so be ready for funk to piano solo. I do like them all, but have to admit that my personal favourites are the Ludovico Einaudi piano pieces (especially Una Mattina :).
If you´d like to hear the rest of the soundtrack, I´d recommend this  link


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I think I'll definitely have to check this movie out. Hope you're having a good day Anneliis!

Anneliis said...

The movie is definitely worth checking out :)
I´m having a very busy day at work and afterwards going to see one documentary about photography. So - enjoying every bit of the day :)

Have a nice day, Keith! Yours is just beginning, right :)