28 December, 2012

Phosphorescent - Song for Zula

Dear ones, hope you all have a joyful holiday season! See you in 2013!
To end this year properly, something special discovered by my dearest Berit.

20 December, 2012

The XX - Last Christmas

Hi, guys!

Sorry for the lack of postings. I took time off and flew to London to enjoy Florence and the Machine's  concert (I'll give you a full overview of that in the near future!) and after that started my work in a new company, so it has been crazy.

But! I wish you all nice holidays! Take time off, enjoy the company of your loved ones and all the warm emotions!

From me to you -  the coolest Christmas song!

03 December, 2012

Junior Boys

Junior Boys performed in Tallinn couple of months ago. I had a chance to go to the concert and it was great.  A bit from their creation to you too.