30 January, 2012

Mr Fogg - Stay Out Of The Sun

Mr Fogg, please take this bloody cold away. I had my limit with -5C, this -15C is crossing every line.
How is your climate, folks? Any of you enjoying the sun at the same time its winter wonderland in Estonia?

28 January, 2012

Jónsi - Gathering Stories (From We Bought A Zoo)

Jonsi is great, I´m glad he started on his own beside Sigur Ros. That means we get twice as much good music, you know  :)
My 2012 started with that song, ever since I tend to listen to that during weekends. Maybe I just don´t want to ruin the song with weekly work stress?! But the song sounds like pure happiness to me and with that emotion I´ll start my weekend. Sun outside supports as well :)

21 January, 2012

Phaeleh - The Cold In You (feat. Soundmouse)

Phaeleh and Soundmouse make only good music together. The chillest electronical pieces.
Perfect for a slow Saturday.

20 January, 2012

Birdy - People Help The People

Something melancholic and beautiful  to wish all a good night

Bonobo : Mix for Solid Steel

Long time since I last shared a mix, but this is pure gold!
Unfortunately I couldn´t find a way to syncronize the new blogger and soundcloud so you have to listen the mix in soundcloud. If anybody can assist with some good advise, it is more than welcome :)

Bonobo : Mix for Solid Steel

Ane Brun - Do You Remember

This song goes for my Sis, because Ane Brun always reminds me of her.

19 January, 2012

The Roots - Now Or Never (Feat. Phonte & Dice Raw)

Starting the (blog´s) new year with an older song from The Roots, a real chilly-billy track. The band is great, have been enjoying their songs for years now. Every time I find a good song, I always think that I should listen to their albums more, but I never do that. Really don´t know why. So, if you have some good recommendations from them, let me know! There is a big propability that I haven´t heard it yet :)