25 October, 2011

24 October, 2011

Skin - Kill Everything (Subclash Remix)

Ohh, this is sooo good! It has been a long time since I last time really fell in love with this kind of a dnb track.
The singer Skin is a former lead-singer of Skunk Anansie and oh, I was a biiiiiig fan back in the days.

As a huge fan of Skunk Anansie I have to add my favourite song for them as well.
One of my all time favourites "Hedonism"

17 October, 2011

Marlon Roudette - New Age

Mattafix was great. I was really sad when I heard that they split, but the good thing is Marlon just released his first solo album and you can recognize the magnificent tune of Mattafix.

The song that has conquered all Estonia´s radio stations.

11 October, 2011

Delilah - Go

Thank you, Kristjan, for sharing this track!
Psst! Kristjan is my first (and best melomaniac) friend who decided to make his own music blog couple of weeks ago. He is like a walking music library with a great taste of music. Really, you couldn´t even imagine. So, definitely go and check out his blog.