30 July, 2011

The amazing Positivus 2011

Hi guys,

We have an amazing music festival in Baltics called Positivus. It was the fifth one this year, but my first time to visit. I couldn´t be there on the first day, but I did my best on the second. I went there mainly for three reasons - OK GO!, Mark Ronson and the one and only Royksöpp!
I have 3 videos for you, one from each of them. But before you press the play button, please turn down the volume, because we filmed it with a mobile and the sound is just so terrible. Look at the screens on both sides of the stage to get a overview of the people and the artists.

But I have to say, it was amazing. It took place in the seaside town of Salacgriva, in the northern Latvia. 7 stages (one of them straight on the beach), more than 20 000 people and music from jazz to drum&bass.
I decided to make it as an annual event for me and if you haven´t been there, then don´t miss the next years festival.

The videos now. The first one OK GO!

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson surprised me a lot. They performed with The Business Intl and also he played a DJ set. He played Martin Solveig - Hello, M.I.A - Paper Planes, his own song Bang Bang Bang but with a dubstep twist etc. He did a great job. It was 8PM and I still wanted to dance in the daylight like there is no tomorrow, the music was just so goood.

Royksöpp - What else is there

Royksöpp was amazing. The highlight of my summer for sure. Look at the screens on both sides of the stage, the costumes, the crowd.
PS! Yes, the girl with the stripes in the video is me (:

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Estonia itself is a music-Country, where all notes of nature and mankind are played together and continuously.
Congratulations on Your strongest website.
I shall be following You regularly.