13 July, 2011

My favourites

Hi guys,

It´s good to be back :) I already missed my blog! Summer is so good in Estonia at the moment and it is really hard to stay inside. I rarely open my computer these days. After spending all day in the office all I wanna do after work is go out and spend some time with my friends. It´s a pity we don´t have access to youtube at work (big corporate rules), it would make it much more easier to make quick posts, because I have a lot of music waiting for you in my favourites.

But! As I said in my last post, this is the 200th post in this blog and I thought that I would like to take a look back and give you an overview of my favourite ones - songs that have been the most special to me during this time.
I secretly made this blog in October 2010. It was closed for 2 months. I collected music, added some of my favourites and the biggest issue was with the design. It took me a long time to finally figure out what to do with that. I knew that the templates blogger offers, aren´t for me. One night I opened my Illustrator and made the header to the blog. The same one I´m using right now as well. Two days after that I opened it and posted it for first time to my Facebook profile. The welcome was warmer than I would have ever guessed.
Thank you for that!

I really wanted to select 10 of my favourite ones, but as always, it was too complicated and I ended up with 12 song.
PS! They are in random order.

1. Hot Chip - I feel better

It was the first song in this blog and it was for a reason. It was my favourite one for months. I played it over and over again and it was just so magical every time.

2. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Florence was one of my favourite artists in 2010 and it all began with this song. There is something so powerful in it and it can really take me away.

3. Beck and Bat For Lashes - Let's Get Lost
It was autumn 2010. "Let´s Get Lost" and the previous "Cosmic Love" were like a dynamic duo for me.

4. DJ Fresh - Gold Dust
Love from the first beat. The song just gets me going every time.

5. The XX - Heart Skipped a Beat
My favourite one from The XX. There´s a strange thing with this one. In Oct, Nov 2010 I played it a lot and now, few weeks ago, I rediscovered it and it´s like magic. All I wanna do is listen to that song. I have already played it 3 times this morning and I can´t get enough.

6. Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts (feat. Coeur De Pirate)
My Sis discovered it and posted to my Facebook wall. First days I just listened and listened and walked around clapping my hands. Strange, huh. But don´t blame me, blame the song, it´s just so fantastic. Listen to it and let me know after you have discovered yourself walking around and clapping your hands with a stupid smile on your face :))

7. Drapht - Rapunzel
I have a friend who always knows the best reggae related music. Oh, we have had the most fun with this song. It always reveals the dancing maniacs in us.

8. Nufrequency ft Shara Nelson - Go That Deep
When someone would ask me which is my favourite song of all time, I would say this one.
I have the most special memories with that song. All the quiet nights, when everybody were already sleeping and I took time to write poetry and think my own thoughts with a warm cup of tea. These nights were really amazing.

9. OneRepublic - Good Life
This song always reminds me that Life Is Good. I know that, but a piece of music always makes these thoughts and moments perfect.

10. Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)
I think you have already noticed that I think Adele is just perfect! And Jamie from The XX makes always the greatest remixes. When they two collaborate, it has to be magic!

11. Clare Maguire - The Last Dance (Chase & Status Remix)
I wanted to add the original one to the list as well, but it was complicated enough to select only 10 (yes, I know, it still ended up with 12). But I really like them both. Clare Maguire is something like Hot Chip for me. Something special, something magical. Always gets me going.

12. Antony & The Johnsons - Another World [S.I.N BOOTLEG]
When one acquaintance introduced me this piece of music, she said that it´s addictive. And it is. It´s just so beautiful. The beat in the back is sooooooo good. I really love the song.

I hope you like the songs and if you have any thoughts regarding the posts (what music are you fond of and like to find here more ofter, or would you like more text with the posts etc), the feedback is always very welcome.

Thank you!


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